Professional Home Office Solutions

For many people, 2020 introduced them to working from home for the first time. Maybe you thrive while sitting on the couch with your laptop, but for others, working remotely is a challenge. Studies have shown that having the right home office furniture is key to productivity, health, and morale. 

But, just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the professionalism or luxury of the commercial office. While you might not be meeting with clients in person, you meet virtually, so having a desk to sit down at and a good backdrop behind you shows you mean business. 

Jagar has a wide selection of professional desks and matching casegoods to complete the look of your home office setup. Whether you’re looking for a traditional executive office desk or a trendy, ergonomic sit-stand desk, Jagar has you covered. 

Our furniture is hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Jamestown, NY, and all of our materials are sourced from the best local suppliers. From conceptual design to finishing touches, everything is done in the USA. 

Plus, all of our furniture is custom-made, so if you’re looking for a specific finish or a special addition to your piece, our design team can assist you!